Live the best Events in Amalfi Coast from the b&b WorldCenterResort! Stay in our B&B to live the wonderful Events in Amalfi Coast to know tradition, history and cultural treasures of this enchanting place.

Among the traditional festivals not to be missed are:

  • The Historical Regatta of the Four Maritime Republics (Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa, Venice), which is held every four years alternately in one of the town,
  • The procession of the illustrious saint patron, Saint Andrew in Amalfi,
  • The New Year on the beach of Amalfi,
  • The festival of typical products in the various villages of the coast and the boat processions as Our Lady of the Snows from the ancient village of Conca dei Marini,
  • Capodanno Bizantino in Amalfi,
  • Ravello Classic Music Festival,
  • Ravello Cinema festival,
  • Marmeeting in Fiordo di Furore…
  • Ravello, ritorna “Calici di Stelle”: l’evento più atteso dagli enoturisti
  • Agerola, sagra “Fiodilatte Fiordifesta”
  • Agerola, sagra “Gusta la Patata”