Tradition, taste & cooking class

The World Center Resort has some gardens with organic cultivation of citrus fruits and other local products and spices. In addition to the hearty breakfasts prepared with fresh foods extolling the wholesome and taste of local products, you can request to participate in the cooking class with qualified staff, get to know, learn and enjoy, the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine in all its dishes.

Amalfi is also the place for the excellence of shopping: limoncello liquor, jams , pottery, coral, workshops in the dough by hand, smells, local wines and liqueurs, hanging cherry tomatoes, anchovies of Cetara, famous pastries from 5 generations, profiteroles with lemon, pastiera napoletana, eggplant with chocolate.

At local restaurants you can taste the delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, made with fresh fish from the gulf, from tasty vegetables enriched the coast, from the local flavors and spices, with extra virgin olive oil DOP of Colline Salernitane. The appetizers are accompanied by delicious local cheeses and meats, among which the products of Agerola ( mozzarella, provolone and Provolone del Monaco DOP ). In the fantastic traditional pastry found the scents of lemon PGI Sfusato Amalfi. Finally taste the Amalfi Coast DOC wines, white, rose, red and red reserve!

A few minutes away from the World Center Resort, lies the old convent of Santa Rosa, which retains the four altars and rounded gratings in iron and wood of the choir, to the sides of the central altar, of inestimable artistic value. Donated in 1539 by the Archbishop of Amalfi to the town of Conca and later Sister Maria Pandolfi, who in 1561 founded a convent of Dominicans. In this convent the skilled hands of the sisters created a masterpiece of pastry : the Sfogliatella Santa Rosa that every summer on August, is the star of the festival of the village. Summer is welcomed by many traditional festivals in the villages and surrounding countries : the festival of sfogliatella, courgette, prickly pear , potato , are just some of the festivals to taste the fantastic traditions of these places.