Live a breath-taking vacation in Amalfi Coast with the charm of the trekking on Path of the Gods!

For your vacations in Amalfi Coast, choose our B&B close to the Path of the Gods and from the most scenic trekking trails with fairy landscape and enchanting sea view. The Bed and Breakfast World Center Resort is the ideal starting point to reach the most famous towns of your vacation in Amalfi Coast and surrounding area, as well as the most beautiful hiking trails (the Path of the Gods, La Valle delle Ferriere, The Way of the Master villages) along the ancient stairs that for centuries join the coast to the villages and the pleasant places inland.

Discover the wonderful beaches and paths in the nearest of B&B World Center Resort!

A short distance from the Bed and Breakfast World Center Resort there is the staircase that leads to the ancient hermitage of St. Francis in Cospiti, and settlements of hermits cave as the cave retreat of Pope Sixtus IV, who was persecuted before becoming pope. For the Hiking lovers, the World Center Resort can take the scenic route along the stairs with steps: you can reach the beautiful beaches of the “Vigne”, “Santa Croce” and Conca Dei Marini. Furthermore we point out some of the most beautiful trails known all over the world, which you could visit with our guided tours:

Path of the Gods (Agerola-Positano), (length 8 KM) journey time approximately 4 hours. Difficulty: It is easy with exposed sections. The path keeps itself in all the charm of the name given, starting from the square Paul Capasso Bomerano leading to Positano. The information tables give the directions of the route and there are reports mileage at intervals of 100 m. At the ” Cave of the Biscotto ,” which takes its name from the typical bread agerolese of which recalls the characteristic geological structure of the rock wall, there is a source of drinking water and from here you can watch some age-old ruins of homes stuck in the cave. The route passes through walls , caves, terraces and wooded tracts arched and after Colle Serra gaze alights on the enchanting view of Sorrento Peninsula until you reach the village of Nocelle ( 450 m. Above sea level) from where you can take a bus or the stairs for Positano.

Path Valle delle Ferriere (Agerola- Valle delle Ferriere-Amalfi) 5 h From the center of San Lazzaro, continuing to Radicosa you take the trail that goes halfway under the M.Murillo until you reach the trail to Pogerola; along a stony path, a steep descent, we climb the side of the valley up to the impressive waterfalls and Wildlife Conservation Valle delle Ferriere, where it grows an endemic species of fern dating from the Tertiary, the Woodwardia radicans, which can be accessed requesting permission to the State Forestry Corps. You can continue the descent to Amalfi, admiring along the way, the ruins of the old ironworks and mills of the Valley of the Mills which made famous the production of paper of Amalfi.

Path Via Maestra Villages (World Center Resort- Amalfi or rise to Agerola). The path is the ancient path, which is still practiced, to connect the villages of the Duchy of Amalfi : Tovere, Vettica and Pogerola. Crossing the Mediterranean maquis, in a landscape characterized mainly by oaks, arbutus and the cultivated terraces, you will reach the village of Lone then along its narrow, along the ancient streets of Amalfi, leading to the Piazza del Duomo.

Path of the ruins of the Convent of Cospiti (Ruins) 2h 15m; 4,5 Km Difference in altitude 350 m. The trail is moderately difficult , however, allows an exceptional view overlooking Amalfi. The first evidence of Cospiti convent dating back to the eleventh century , supposedly founded by the Benedictines . From the thirteenth century to the fourteenth century there were changes following the passage of the Friars of St. Francis , but even if the oral tradition, it was founded by the saint during your stay in Amalfi in the twelfth century, this argument is not supported by historical sources. The Franciscans remained there until 1811 and later became a den of robbers .

Path of Abu Tabela (World Center Resort- Furore-Agerola). Abu Tabela is the corruption of the Asian surname of General Avitabile , a famous historical figure who came back in the mid-800 , from India to Agerola, his native country , rich honors and riches . It continues from the Furore Gorge valley , up to the tip Scotelo through the remains of the old powder magazine , leaning on the side of a cliff. The trail goes up to the location Pino , dominated by Belsito hill , where stood the palace of the General, later replaced by the Cologne Prince of Naples, where you can visit the beautiful park and the wonderful terrace that overlooks on the Amalfi coast .

Path of Agave in Bloom: World Center Resort from the town tip Sant’Elia , to Marina di Praia. After the Walk of Love that you can take from the street in front of the Church of St. Elias the Prophet (which houses a famous triptych on wood painter Angelo Antonello da Capua), we proceed along the path that leads to Pennola , through agaves , Indian figs , carob , mastic trees , rosemary . You can reach the resort Grottole with his sheep pen for the cattle and the bridge on stairs of Marina di Praia .

Path Fishing Vixen (World Center Resort-Furore-Sant’Elia- Fiordo di Furore). Along the way you can admire the Palazzo dei Maccaronai , along the ancient route of the farmer who undertook Furore when he was also a fisherman . Past the palace of Maccaronari , we arrive at Portella and go down between the characteristic monazzeni ( fishermen’s houses and warehouses ) . The Fjord of Furore is a beautiful valley along the coast, feature bay formed over millennia by the river Schiato , known throughout the world for the summer stage of the World Championship of Diving from Great Heights . In Fjord there are an ancient fishing village with typical houses ” monazzeni ” leaning against the rock , ( Film Set of “Love ” by Roberto Rossellini and Anna Magnani ) and an old paper mill that worked thanks to a water mill . Today you can visit the Drying that was used to dry the sheets of paper extracted from the fibers of the fabric and Calcara , used for processing of stones for local building . The trail is named after the fox that lives in the woods above : in times of food shortage , the animal goes to the river and gets pescatarian .

Sentiero dei Pipistrelli impazziti (World Center Resort -Conca dei Marini-Furore). Dal Monastero di S.Rosa, attraversando piazza Olmo e il centro di conca dei Marini si raggiunge la chiesa di S.Michele. Qui il sentiero si inerpica sulla rupe fino a punta Tavola: un piccolo pianoro a picco sul vallone . Il percorso è chiamato così per le sue caratteristiche per cui offre riparo diurno ai pipistrelli, piccoli mammiferi che aldilà del loro aspetto, hanno un determinante ruolo nell’equilibrare le popolazioni d’insetti, tra i quali anche i più dannosi per l’uomo e per le sue attività. Dal borgo marinaro, un suggestivo tratturo conduce a Furore, lungo un sentiero che penetra nella vegetazione, passando per il Mulino, costeggiando canali e chiuse sino alla cartiera.